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Pet Shop Boys - Monkey business (Official video)

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'Monkey business' is taken from the new album ‘Hotspot’, released 24th January 2020. You can listen to the album here - Crew: Director - Vaughan Arnell, Choreographer - Lynne Page, Assistant Choreographer - Gemma Payne, Producer - Fred Bonham Carter, Production Manager - Amanda Tuckwell, 1st Assistant Director - Chris Kelly , 2nd Assistant Director - Lucy Kelly, Runners - Oscar Ginn, Conor Joyce, Joel Sheppard, DOP - JP Seresin, Focus Puller -Jeremy Fuscoe, 2nd AC - William Crafts, Camera Trainee - Joshua Loftin, Trinity OP - Andrew Fletcher , DIT - Keir Garnett Lawson, Gaffer - Craig Davis,...
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