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Andrea Bocelli - If Only ft. Dua Lipa

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Listen now to "Sì", the new album from Andrea Bocelli: Follow Andrea Bocelli on: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - --- A production by Sugar S.r.l. Under exclusive license to Decca Records UK International Coordination for Sugar: Francesco Pasquero International Production Manager for Decca UK: Sophie Hilton Video credits Director and D.O.P: Gaetano Morbioli Ass.nt Director: Peter Facchetti Editing: Gaetano Morbioli and Mauro Pittarello Graphic Motion: Mauro Pittarello Producer: Carlotta De Conti Production Assistant: Anna Zavatteri Technical Director: Guglielmo Magagna Set Assistant: Alberto Bonturi Andrea’s Make Up & Hair: Antonella Melani For Dua...
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